Twitter Tips That Save You Time: Part 2

By , July 6, 2009 9:27 am

UPDATE:  September 5, 2009– has changed their name to  Everything else is pretty much the same.

twitter3Last time, we talked about how to use TweetLater to write a tweet and schedule it for publishing later, at a time when your followers are more likely to see it.

Today, we’ll talk about using TweetLater to get to know your followers better and thank them for following you.

After using my handy-dandy affiliate link* to TweetLater HERE, sign into your account. 

 Then, click on “Accounts.”




Click on “Edit Account.”  (If you have more than one account, you’ll need to choose which account to edit.)



Select the options you want for your followers.  You can create automatic direct messages to new followers or you can choose to send messages manually.  You can choose to have TweetLater automatically follow people who follow you or you can choose to follow only certain followers back.

“Vet Followers”:  If you do NOT click the “Vet Followers” option, TweetLater applies the choices you’ve chosen automatically, with no intervention from you.  This creates a totally hands-off experience.  You can be automatically following and unfollowing, sending messages, etc. and never have to worry about looking at who’s following you.

However, I don’t let TweetLater automate everything.  I use the “Vet Followers” option, and let me show you why. 

When I go into my account, I see a “Vet My New Followers” option:




 “Vet My New Followers” allows me to see a table of followers whose information I can review before I decide to send them a direct message.  The heading of this table is shown below.  tweetlater-7


I’ve deleted the information on the followers to protect their privacy, but TweetLater shows their avatar, bio, number of followers and recent sample tweets.  If I didn’t use the “Vet Followers” option, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see all this information, which is so valuable in developing relationships with followers.  I’d also be auto-following bots and others I may not want to follow.

Under the “Decision” header, TweetLater gives you the option to”Approve,”  “Ignore” or “Block.”  If you Approve, TweetLater will apply all the account settings you chose above to that follower.   If you choose to Ignore, the account settings are not applied to that follower. 

The only problem I have with TweetLater is that there’s no way to follow someone you’ve vetted from this screen.  You have to click on the follower’s name, which takes you to Twitter in order to follow them.  I’m hoping they’ll improve the interface to also allow for a follow option from the Vet Followers window.


We’ve used to:

1) Post tweets at a later time

2) Thank people for following you by sending them direct messages

3) Learn more about your followers through the “Vet Followers” interface, and

4) We learned we can apply different TweetLater options to different twitter accounts.

What Twitter apps do you use to save time and why do you like them?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Later this week:  Tips on perfecting your elevator pitch and our Travel Tip of the Week.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, it will really improve my use of twitter.

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