Twitter Tips That Save You Time: Part 1

By , June 24, 2009 9:30 am

UPDATE:  September 5, 2009– has changed their name to  Everything else is pretty much the same.


Ready, set, Tweet!  Not ready?  How about now?  No? 


If the only time you have to interact on Twitter is at midnight, you might find yourself hearing crickets rather than tweets.  Not to worry.  Today we’re starting our series about tools meant to save you time while still establishing those important relationships.  The first tool is called Tweet Later.



Here’s how I personally use Tweet Later:


1)    When I want to share something with my followers during a time they’re most likely to see it, even if I’m not available then.


2)    To thank people for following me.


3)    To learn more about my followers.


4)    To manage tweets for multiple Twitter accounts.


To start, open your free account by going to [Is this an affiliate link? Ya, you betcha.]


After you create your account and login, you’ll see this:




Click on “Manage My Scheduled Tweets” to set up your Twitter accounts.  You can set up multiple accounts and have different settings for each one.


Now you’re ready to schedule a Tweet.  Go back into “Manage My Accounts” and click on “Tweets” over on the right.  Then, click on “New Tweet.”





Here’s what will show in the next window:





You can enter your Tweet and use the “Shorten URLs” button to shorten any links you have.  Remember, try to keep your Tweets at 120 characters to encourage “retweeting.”  Save the tweet as a draft, publish it now or publish it at a time that makes sense for your followers.  At the bottom of the page, choose which Twitter account you want to tweet from and save your changes.


When you have a number of tweets that have been published, Tweet Later will save them for you in a list in case you want to use them again.


Word of caution:  Sending the exact same tweet from multiple Twitter accounts will get you blacklisted, so change things up between accounts.


Coming up:  Part 2 of Twitter Tips That Save You Time:  How to thank followers. 

Later this week:  Glory chats with Kristi Saucerman of


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